How gentle yoga could help you manage your anxiety

The struggle is real.

Anxiety is a natural reaction to life’s ups and downs, but if you’re finding it’s outstaying its welcome too often, it’s time to make a plan to shake it off.

Practising yoga is long associated with relaxation, but studies have shown that it can be particularly effective in treating anxiety.

OneĀ study involved women who had been diagnosed with anxiety issues who were referred to a yoga clinic. Participants were randomly assigned into an experimental and a control group.

The experimental group participated in twice weekly 90-minute yoga classes for two months. The control group didn’t do any yoga.

When their experiences were evaluated at the end of the two months, the women who participated in yoga classes showed a significant decrease in anxiety levels.

The study authors agreed that yoga ‘could be considered as a complementary therapy or an alternative method for medical therapy in the treatment of anxiety disorders’.

The take away? If you do battle with nerves and sweaty palms daily, it’s definitely worth scheduling some gentle yoga twice a week.


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