Ever had a Jagermeister ice cream? This is where you can try a scoop for yourself

It’s already grabbed headlines all over the country.

Now, for the first time ever, you can taste Jagermeister ice cream, a curious concoction dreamed up as part of #dessertFSTVL 2018, for yourself.

Cork’s Sober Lane will be serving the bizarrely boozy blend throughout this year’s festival, Sweet Stuff, which runs from July 23rd to 29th.

The ice cream is served with deep fried Red Bull infused plums (natch) and a caramel and cardamom sauce.

It’s only available while stocks last however, so if new flavours are your thing, get down to Sober Lane early to ensure you secure your scoop.

Don’t forget to share the action on social media using #dessertFSTVL.


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