FSTVLR: Your ticket to fun, unique events in your neighbourhood

Always late to the party?

There’s nothing worse than finding out about an event when it’s over.

Maybe it’s a festival you couldn’t make because it was too far away, or too expensive. Or maybe you spotted a newspaper ad for an event that happened last week.

Boo. Hiss. No more.

At FSTVLR, we bring the festivals to you! 

The people behind The Festival Crew have rebranded to create an even more engaging concept.

FSTVLR helps you find unique, fun events in your locality.

We have the down low on what’s happening because we helped inspire it – from the new dish to taste in your local restaurant to a fun class or workshop to take in your local yoga studio.

Our aim is to connect you with businesses in your town that are offering the kind of entertainment you love – all from the comfort of your very own phone.

Every story here on FSTVLR is an invitation to join an ever-evolving calendar of shindigs and social events, tailor-made to entice people of all ages and interests.

Upcoming events include #yogaFSTVL, #pizzaFSTVL and #ginFSTVL – each one with a selection of tasty happenings kicking off in your city.

To find out what’s happening and when, bookmark the FSTVLR homepage and follow FSTVLR on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Businesses can sign up to be part of upcoming national FSTVLR events here.

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