Eating ice cream for breakfast makes you smarter. Kind of.

Ever dreamt of ditching the bran flakes for a bowl of ice cream?

Well, there may be an official excuse to do just that…. and it might even improve your performance for the rest of the morning.

Japanese researchers at the Kyorin University in Tokyo invited a group of volunteers to eat three scoops of their favourite ice cream for breakfast.

A second group at nothing for breakfast.

He then asked both groups to complete a series of tasks that required concentration and thinking.

The result? Amazingly, the group that had tucked into a few sweet scoops before beginning their work finished faster than those who had started the day on an empty stomach.

Having measured their brain waves, the researchers found that the ice cream eaters were also more relaxed and co-ordinated and found it easier to concentrate.

Don’t bin the cornflakes for a Cornetto just yet though; there is some small print.

Critics have pointed out that the comparison group had eaten nothing at all. Perhaps if they’d kicked off the day with a Full Irish they may have been better equipped to out-do the ice cream gang.

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