This is the cake you can bring to any type of party

Looking for a treat to wow the hostess with the mostest?

It’s easy to pick up an unimpressive swiss roll, but who’s going to remember that? If you want to make a lasting impression, you need to think outside the box.

The best guests have been flocking to Cinnamon Cottage in Rochestown for a specific dessert that is famous for its crowd pleasing capabilities. 
Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the village bakery’s White Chocolate and Raspberry Tart.

[blockquote pull=”left”]A decadent mix of luscious, zingy fresh raspberries and smooth white chocolate, it’s a dessert that puts a smile on the faces of old and young alike. [/blockquote]

Just a sliver is plenty to satiate a sweet tooth (obviously a hefty slice is even better) but the large size (10” for €24.95) will feed a party.

Whack some candles on it and it’s a decadent (and pretty) birthday cake. Bring it to the office and it’s the ideal retirement send-off for Donal in Accounts.
The Cinnamon Cottage White Chocolate and Raspberry Tart is also available in a mini tart (€3.50) if you’d like to sample the goods before you commit – or eat it in the car when you collect your hostess gift.

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