This cereal donut is genuinely the breakfast of dreams

Okay, so you wouldn’t be having one every day. 

But if you need a little pep in your step, or maybe it’s your birthday, or you’re getting divorced or quitting your job, there’s a new donut in Cork that will fit the bill quite nicely, thank you.

The Cereal Killer is part of the new menu at Huckleberry’s Donuts in Cork City Centre.

Inspired by the creative geniuses at the famous nostalgic bakery Milk Bar in New York, the donut boasts cereal milk frosting topped with crunchy, sugar covered Kellogg’s Frosties and smooth white chocolate.

Just imagine the crunch when you chow down on this bad boy…

In fairness it’s probably no worse for you than a bowl of coco puffs or a jam scone so go ahead… live your best life. 

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