People who eat dessert are healthier. Because science. 

Now this is the important medical news we’ve been waiting for.

The next time your doctor tells you to cut down on dessert, tell her it’s a proven fact that indulging is actually good for you.

Numerous very official looking studies have been conducted in the interest of giving us all free reign to turn our plates into something they’d serve in the Willy Wonka factory canteen.

And really, who are we to argue?

Here are three reasons to pick up a dessert spoon and dig in: 

1. Dessert after breakfast might make you thinner:

A 2012 study found that eating dessert after breakfast (yes, every day) could help you lose weight in the long run.

In a study of obese patients, researchers at Tel Aviv University in Israel found discovered that eating a high carbohydrate and protein breakfast may prevent weight regain by reducing hunger and cravings suppressing the dreaded ‘hunger hormone’ ghrelin.

2. Eating dessert makes your family happier:

A UK study of family meal times found that when everyone enjoyed dessert together after dinner, 65% of people surveyed said it left them feeling happier and 75% said they felt more relaxed.

One third agreed it improved their family meal experience. Ice cream, anyone?

3. Chocolate lowers your blood pressure:

A Harvard (yes, that Harvard) study of more than 1,000 lucky participants showed that indulging in just a few squares of dark chocolate after dinner every day lowered blood pressure in every single participant.

It’s all down to the heart-healthy flavonoids in cocoa, apparently. Obviously you can’t argue with flavonoids.

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